Anwesha Engineering & Projects Limited is committed to the safe and efficient operation of its facilities. Our goal is to prevent all accident, injuries and occupational illness and to protect the environment.

We believe that productive business performance requires pro-active HSSE performance. AEPL values its each employee. AEPL values Safety First. Our HSSE goal is to accomplish business targets with zero injuries to our people and minimize the environmental impact of our activities. We continuously strive to improve HSSE performance. Every individual has a duty to both themselves and those around them to ensure that safe practice is adhered to at all times.  AEPL management, supervisors and employees along with our subcontractors and their employees are committed  with the responsibility of providing and maintaining the highest degree of safety and health performance, the protection of  environment and safety of others related to our work.

AEPL will work to achieve appropriate sustainability objectives for the project and local environmental & social conditions by Reviewing the project Design, Engineering, Procurements, Construction and start-up continuously against these sustainability objectives.
In view of these considerations, AEPL has established specific objectives to be achieved, documented, and assessed on a continual basis. These objectives included the following:

  • Promote and proactively pursue the goal of zero incidents;
  • Emphasize design as the best preventative measure to reduce risk and adverse H E effects;
  • Use   Energy   and   natural   resources,   efficiently,   prevent pollution and raise employee awareness to minimize adverse impact on Environment.
  • Provide  Training  minimum 5  man-hours  per year for  each employee   and   Job  specific  education   to   all   employees supported   by   the  internal   standards, Procedures   and Instructions.
  • Reduction of water consumption by collection & analyzing of data as
    compared to previous year.
  • Encouraging reporting of unsafe conditions and unsafe acts at-least 20 numbers per months.
  • Zero lost time injuries
  • Zero road traffic accidents
  • Zero occupational diseases
  • Maintain green belt area in the camp/office site
  • To achieve 100% employees’ training/HSSE induction
  • Compliance to all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements as per clients /OH & SMS/ Govt. Norms & as per company policy (AEPL).
  • Ensure 100% achievement through inspection & audit coverage rate.

HSSE policy is applicable to every employee, director or executive of AEPL. Contract personnel working for AEPL must also follow this policy. Sub-contractors, vendors and consultants are required to act consistently with this policy when working for AEPL, on our behalf or in our name or any business activity including delivering outsourced activities. Breach of an AEPL policy may result in disciplinary action.

  • Compliance to all HSSE relevant regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Establish a structural framework for implementation at all levels and work locations
  • Ensuring the effective management of HSSE risks, effective utilisation of the company’s resources
  • Promoting supporting culture employees are engaged and encouraged to intervene and report on HSSE concerned issues
  • Work to reduce environmental emissions and waste
  • Operate in accordance with environmental standards of ISO 14001in all activities related to AEPL
  • Ensuring a safe working environment which protects against work-related ill-health or injury
  • Ensuring all our employees are aware of the standard safety behaviour and accountability
  • Maintaining Emergency Response Team and Crisis Management Training and regular check to ensure their effectiveness
  • Compulsory HSSE induction for all employees and observing National Safety Week, Fire Day, Environment Day pro-actively
  • HSSE management system has been developed on the basis of OH &SMS, EMS, BOCW Act with all statutory compliance with continual monitoring, guidance and improvement
  • For minimizing near miss/incidents/accidents, more emphasis on reporting of Unsafe act is being implemented by control through HSSE awareness and motivational programmes
  • Tool Box Talk & HSSE Observations has been increased for safe works Achievements & Awards
  • The safety committee has been formed at all the Project Sites and Head-office
  • Mock-drills are being conducted for identification of the emergency situation and prompt response of our ERT team
  • Motivational activities- Awards scheme for the maximum number of near-miss reporting, Best Safety Slogans & Best Safety Suggestions are part of regular HSSE Policy implementation
  • Breach of an AEPL HSSE Policy may result in disciplinary action